Litigation and legal problems can significantly stifle your Illinois business’s plans, operations, and future. Legal disputes with customers, vendors, employees and/or others can negatively impact your business’s productivity and drain its resources. Legal troubles also affect the morale of your employees and can harm your business’s reputation in the community. Prompt and successful resolution of these legal woes is critical, therefore, to your business’s viability and stability. Corri Fetman & Associates is experienced and knowledgeable concerning a wide variety of issues that both large and small businesses in Illinois face, and the firm stands ready to assist your business in moving forward.


  1. Business Law: “Business law” encompasses those areas of the law and legal principles that impact how a business goes about its affairs and makes decisions. Employment law, immigration law, administrative and contract law are but a few of these areas that routinely affect a business’s course of action in any given situation. In order to make the best decision on behalf of your business at critical junctures in the life of your business, you need legal counsel that is familiar with the principles at play in that particular situation. Corri Fetman & Associates is intimately familiar with the many areas of the law that can affect your business’s operations and will provide your business enterprise with well-researched and thorough legal counsel.

  3. Business Formation: One of the very first decisions that a new business owner or entrepreneur will make is what form his or her new venture will take – a partnership, a limited liability company, a corporation, or some other form. This initial decision can have significant tax and legal liability ramifications. What is more, depending on the type of business form chosen, strict compliance with statutory and regulatory steps in forming the new business is required in order for the business to be properly formed, registered with the Illinois Secretary of State, and recognized as a business entity in the state.

  5. Civil Litigation: Litigation – that is, the trying of cases before a judge or jury – can be very costly for a business – even if the business prevails in court. For this reason, many businesses choose to settle disputes rather than taking them to trial. The trial of certain cases cannot be avoided, however, and must be taken to trial before a judge or jury in order for the parties to be able to resolve their differences. In these circumstances, a business is well-served by retaining an experienced Illinois firm such as Corri Fetman & Associates that can help you resolve your contentious issue fairly, promptly, and successfully.

  7. Corporate Law: Corporate law refers to those statutes that specifically affect and deal with Illinois corporations. A corporation is a business form that is owned by shareholders and that (absent some illegality, irregularity, and/or fraud) protects these owners from being held liable for most every debt, obligation, and/or judgment of the corporation. The operation of a corporation is highly regulated and specific and may require regular meetings of the shareholders and duties to be rendered to the corporation by officers of the corporation. Failure to comply with these rules and laws can result in a loss of the protections and benefits of the corporate entity.

  9. Drafting Contracts: At its core, a contract is nothing more than an exchange of promises for consideration by two or more individuals. Because of the ambiguity and opportunity for misunderstanding that exists in a verbal contract, most every business enters into written contracts with its customers, suppliers, and others with whom the business interacts. Poorly-drafted contracts, however, can also cause confusion and ambiguity that can lead to litigation. For this reason, it is critical that businesses employ a skilled business law firm to carefully draft its contracts so that each party’s rights and responsibilities are clearly established and set forth.

  11. Negotiation of Contracts: In many business transactions, one party proposes a contract that typically contains provisions that are very beneficial to it to the other party. It is up to the other party to engage in negotiations with the drafting party so as to secure terms that are most favorable to it. Successful contract negotiation is a skill: timid negotiators often fail to secure their business client the best possible contract terms, while negotiation that is too aggressive can result in negotiations falling apart completely and no deal being reached. Corri Fetman & Associates legal team has considerable experience and knowledge in business contract negotiation strategies.