About Corri Fetman, ESQ.

A force of nature, world famous and charismatic, Corri Fetman is known to some as a sumptuous former Playboy model, to others as the once wry, piquant “Love Lawyer” columnist for Playboy’s online magazine, and to others as the notorious mastermind of Chicago’s Gold Coast billboard, “Life’s Short. Get a Divorce”, which put her Chicago-based family law firm on the map, and made her the topic of a many a late night and daytime talk shows.

A media savant in great demand for her at-times salacious but always sagely takes on relationships—especially as they relate to child custody, divorce, pre-civil union agreements, civil unions, visitation, pre-nuptials, child support and pre-divorce planning—Corri is, above all, a highly skilled and talented attorney specializing in not only all significant aspects of Divorce and Family Law, but in other areas of the law as well.

Practicing at the bar for over 20 years, her frequent appearances on WGN, MSNBC, Fox Chicago, Fox National, The Sean Hannity Show, CNN, Good Morning America and Telemundo, to name a few, have cemented her reputation as a dynamic, compassionate, telegenic and always straight-talking media presence. Her sassy yet always witty approach to relationships and the law has established her as a personality in great demand, while her unrivaled success in court has burnished her reputation as one of Chicago’s most sought-after divorce and family lawyers.

Educated with honors and a member of the DePaul Law Review at DePaul University College of Law, a litigator and former Appellate Law Clerk, Corri brings a diverse, commanding and highly qualified background to all her appearances, whether in court, on television and radio as a commentator, as a guest star in motion pictures, or as a columnist for the Chicago Tribune.

In addition to her wide range of television and radio appearances, Ms. Fetman has been featured in prestigious print media including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the Chicago Sun-Times. While balancing her own private practice with her burgeoning media career, she is currently at work on a sensational book—a primer on divorce, as exemplified by a variety of notorious celebrity “dust-ups.” Approachable yet tough, incisive yet accessible, Corri D. Fetman is a true Renaissance juggernaut of our age: networked throughout Facebook, active on Twitter, and incidentally, as a model and a figure and bodybuilder competitor, always in dynamic shape. She thrives in the spotlight yet has never lost the twin qualities so instrumental in her success: humility and audacity. A self-made dynamo, Corri Fetman is a one-woman, eye-popping media force whose upcoming ad campaign is destined to generate even more controversy… and turn some heads.