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Orland Park Child Custody Attorney

At Corri Fetman & Associates Ltd., we understand the profound impact child custody proceedings have on both you and your child’s life. Our dedicated and professional Orland Park child custody attorney provides compassionate and assertive representation to help secure the best possible outcome for your family. With our experience and unwavering support, you can confidently face the legal challenges of child custody arrangements, knowing that your child’s well-being is our top priority.

Understanding Child Custody Laws

In Illinois, child custody agreements, also known as parental responsibility allocations, are based on the best interests of the child. Key factors include the child’s needs, the parent’s ability to meet those needs, and the child’s relationship with each parent. Allocations of parental responsibility include both physical custody (where the child lives) and legal custody (decision-making authority for the child).

The Legal Process of Obtaining Child Custody

The child custody process typically begins with filing a petition in family court or as part of a divorce proceeding. If the parents are unable to reach an agreement on their own, the court may order mediation to encourage parents to agree on a parenting plan. If mediation fails, the case proceeds to trial, where a judge will determine the allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time.

Throughout this process, it is crucial to present a strong case demonstrating your ability to meet your child’s needs. This often involves submitting evidence, such as school records, medical records, and witness testimonies, to support your position. A knowledgeable Orland Park child custody attorney can guide you in presenting the best evidence to the court.

Why Hire a Child Custody Lawyer?

Navigating child custody laws can be overwhelming, particularly when emotions run high. Hiring a reliable child custody lawyer can make an impactful difference in the results of your case. At Corri Fetman & Associates, Ltd., we provide strategic, candid, and compassionate representation for a variety of custody-related matters, including:

  • Allocation of Parental Responsibilities: We handle high-profile, high-stakes cases, bringing nuanced understanding to every client we represent.
  • Parenting Time Schedules: Our tailored approach helps clients obtain parenting time agreements that are well-suited to their individual needs.
  • Relocation and Move-Away Requests: When one parent wishes to move a significant distance with the child, we can help present a strong case to the court for what is truly in the child’s best interest.
  • Child Support: Child support obligations in Illinois are based on a formula set by state guidelines, but determining which income should be included in the calculations often requires legal intervention.
  • Unmarried Parents: We help establish parentage and parenting schedules for unmarried couples.

Our Commitment to You

At Corri Fetman & Associates, Ltd., we offer transparent counsel and comprehensive legal services. Our team is well-versed in the latest Illinois statutes and prepared to present a compelling case on your behalf. We understand the stakes are high in child custody disputes, and our goal is to secure a resolution that serves your child’s best interests while protecting your parental rights.

Start Protecting Your Parental Rights Today

If you are seeking a dedicated Orland Park child custody attorney, look no further than Corri Fetman & Associates, Ltd. Schedule your child custody case evaluation today, and let us help you navigate this complex legal terrain with confidence. Your child’s future is too important to leave to chance, and we are here to help.

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At Corri Fetman & Associates, our approach is rooted in clarity, wisdom, and extensive legal expertise. We offer transparent counsel, ensuring clients fully comprehend their legal standing. Our seasoned attorneys, with over 30 years of experience, bring a wealth of knowledge to every case, guiding you through complex legal landscapes with a strategy tailored to protect your rights and interests.

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