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Strategic Legal Representation, Tailored to Your Unique Needs in High-Stakes Divorce Cases in Cook County, DuPage County, Lake County, Winnebago County, Kane County, and McHenry County in Illinois.

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Strategic Legal Representation, Tailored to Your Unique Needs in High-Stakes Divorce Cases in Cook County, DuPage County, Lake County, Winnebago County, Kane County, and McHenry County in Illinois.

Welcome to Corri Fetman & Associates, Ltd., where we provide meticulous and dedicated legal representation to individuals with significant assets undergoing the complexities of high net worth divorce. As a boutique law firm with a deep focus on corporate, civil, and family law, we understand the unique challenges and privacy concerns of high net worth individuals, high-profile clients, and celebrities facing divorce and family law matters.

Understanding the Nuances of High Net Worth Divorce

High net worth divorces are markedly different from standard divorces due to their complexity and the level of confidentiality required. Our clients often possess extensive portfolios that include real estate, business interests, complex investment structures, and international assets, making the equitable division of assets a challenging yet crucial part of the divorce process.

At Corri Fetman & Associates, led by the esteemed Corri D. Fetman, a legal authority in family and matrimonial law, we are not just lawyers but strategic partners. Corri’s extensive experience as a divorce and relationship specialist, combined with regular appearances as a legal commentator on national media, equips our firm with unparalleled insights into the intricacies of high asset divorces.

Our Approach: Knowledgeable, Candid, Strategic and Experienced

Our legal strategy is built on clarity, wisdom, and in-depth understanding. We ensure our clients are fully informed about their legal standing, providing transparent and candid counsel. With over 30 years of combined experience, our attorneys navigate the complex terrain of high net worth divorces with tailored strategies designed to protect your rights and interests.

Specialized Representation for All High Asset Divorce Concerns

We are adept at handling the diverse and complex aspects of high net worth divorces, including:

  • Contested and High Conflict Divorces
  • Division of Substantial Assets and Debts
  • Valuation of Businesses and Professional Practices
  • Handling of International Assets and Offshore Investments
  • Identification and Division of Real Estate Portfolios
  • Analysis and Division of Complex Investment Structures
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
  • Post-Decree matters of all types, including enforceability and modifications

Leveraging our network of forensic accountants, business evaluators, and other industry experts, we ensure that every financial aspect of your case is meticulously examined and addressed. Our goal is to achieve a fair and equitable division of assets while maintaining the highest level of discretion and confidentiality.

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If you are navigating the challenges of a high net worth divorce, trust the experienced attorneys at Corri Fetman & Associates, Ltd. to provide the strategic and personalized legal representation you deserve. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our tailored approach, ensures that your legal and financial interests are fully protected during this critical time.

Contact us today at 312-341-0900 or book online to arrange a confidential consultation. Explore how our strategic legal representation, tailored to your unique needs, can lead to the best possible outcome for your high net worth divorce in Chicago and beyond. Our team, led by Corri D. Fetman, is ready to advocate for you and guide you through every step of this complex process.

Knowledgeable, Candid and Experienced

At Corri Fetman & Associates, our approach is rooted in clarity, wisdom, and extensive legal expertise. We offer transparent counsel, ensuring clients fully comprehend their legal standing. Our seasoned attorneys, with over 30 years of experience, bring a wealth of knowledge to every case, guiding you through complex legal landscapes with a strategy tailored to protect your rights and interests.

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Whether you are faced with a dispute or need legal advice to fully protect your rights, the attorneys at Corri Fetman & Associates can provide the help you need.

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With a rich history spanning three decades, Corri Fetman & Associates brings a depth of experience to the table. Our seasoned lawyers have navigated a myriad of cases, offering you seasoned guidance grounded in a proven track record of success.

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We believe in transparent and straightforward legal counsel. Our attorneys are committed to giving you clear, honest advice, ensuring you understand every option and the potential outcomes for your case.

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