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Bored with the usual legal advertisements depicting an aging man in a suit seated in a stuffy office setting, Corri Fetman devised a new campaign slogan that took a daring new approach to legal advertising: “Life’s Short. Get a Divorce”. These five little words were all it took to get Corri Fetman & Associates, Ltd. invaluable media attention not only in Chicago, but all over the world. When billboards went up In the Viagra Triangle in Chicago in 2007 depicting a scantily clad woman and shirtless man flanking the controversial byline, the effects of the campaign were undeniable…Corri had officially shaken up the legal community and put her law firm on the map.

Phones rang off the hook at Corri Fetman & Associates, Ltd. with people who either loved the ad, or hated it with a passion. Many praised Corri for her no-nonsense approach to divorce and said that she inspired them to leave their bad relationships, while others berated her for belittling the institution of marriage and even went so far as to threaten her life.

What was truly remarkable about Corri’s first billboard is that it was only displayed for one week!! After a wrangle by the City about alleged permit violations which were really a cry from the Mayor during his Olympics debut, the City of Chicago pulled down Corri’s billboard. This raised awareness even more and the media attention for Corri’s firm quadrupled. One month later, Corri tried to revive her ad but not one billboard company would take it because of the Mayor’s scare tactics against billboard companies due to the hoopla surrounding Corri’s ad campaign. Never missing a beat, Corri put her second ad campaign with even more provocative bodies on mobile billboards running throughout the City and parked outside the Batman movie premiere and other prime locations.

Corri’s third ad campaign was launched exclusively by after the huge success of her “Love Lawyer” column and the immense amount of positive feedback that it generated for the website. Created to draw more men into the site as well as to spark even more interest in her monthly column, the campaign featured a couple dressed in dominatrix-style, black leather outfits with the text between the photos proclaiming, “Take Control. Get a Divorce.” With this sexy byline and the even sexier photos, posted the ad and the column got even more hits and responses than before.

Corri capitalized on her hot-streak in innovative advertising by coming up with another more inspired billboard that was just as controversial as the first. Her billboard in 2011 focused on the state of Illinois’ decision to allow same sex couples to legally unite in a civil union by featuring three same sex seductive gay couples in lingerie and bare chested on either side of the quote, “How Civil is Your Union?”.

Dedicating herself to becoming one of the first pioneers in Chicago who would assist in guiding same-sex couples through this newly emerging legal area, Fetman wanted to raise awareness amongst the gay community that although civil unions were not technically marriages, they still came with serious legal ramifications if dissolved. The billboard proved successful as many gay couples over the Chicagoland area began to inquire about pre-civil union agreements before taking the final step in legally binding their lives together.

Again, during the covid quarantine and complete change of the universe, Corri decided to launch another ad campaign in the same vein as her prior marketing efforts.

However, despite all of the controversy surrounding the advertising, Corri proclaimed that most people missed the missive: “The message is, if you’re unhappy, do something about it. It’s really no different than a motivational book that says, ‘Live the best life you can–be happy’.”

While divorce is often associated with pain and upheaval, it can be a time for positive transformation and growth. Viewing divorce through a more positive lens entails recognizing it as an opportunity for individuals to rediscover themselves, redefine their priorities and pursue paths that align more closely with their long term goals. It can also signify liberation from toxic or unfulfilling relationships, paving the way for individuals to cultivate healthier dynamics and pursue personal fulfillment. When individuals choose to view divorce positively, they open themselves up to a world of new beginnings, opportunities, and experiences, ultimately leading to a life that is richer and more authentic.

Thereafter, in 2024, Corri launched another billboard ad campaign which had the same missive—to promote the positive aspects of divorce and erase the stigma commonly attached with divorce.

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