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Explore a curated selection of articles featuring Corri Fetman, from her coverage as the 'Lawyer of Love' to her widespread media appearances discussing groundbreaking cases. Dive into her compelling insights on love, law, and life


Watch Corri Fetman in action in our collection of TV appearances and video interviews. From national news segments to insightful legal commentary, discover how Corri brings her unique expertise to discussions on law, celebrity cases, and more.

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Listen to Corri Fetman's dynamic radio appearances and podcast features. Tune in to hear her expert legal insights and engaging discussions on hot-button legal issues, celebrity cases, and life advice, spanning over a decade of experience.

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Discover the latest press releases from Corri Fetman & Associates Ltd. Stay informed about our firm's recent achievements, newsworthy cases, and Corri’s expert opinions that continue to shape the legal landscape. Get the latest updates directly from the source.