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Corri Fetman Featured on Lawyer Stories

By Corri Fetman | April 04, 2024

Corri Fetman was recently featured on Lawyer Stories, a community dedicated to sharing the inspiring journeys of legal professionals from around the globe. As the President of Corri Fetman & Associates, Ltd., Corri’s unconventional path into the world of law is a testament to the power of fate, ambition, and innovation in carving out a successful career. From acing her constitutional law class at DePaul University to becoming the creative force behind one of Chicago’s most viral advertising campaigns, Corri’s journey is nothing short of remarkable.

Her daring approach, including the iconic “Life’s Short. Get a Divorce” billboard, has not only transformed the landscape of legal marketing but has also ignited discussions on the modern dynamics of family law. Beyond her knack for headline-making marketing, Corri’s contributions to the legal field and popular media—including her roles as a Playboy model, advice columnist, and legal commentator—reflect her multifaceted talent and commitment to destigmatizing divorce. Corri’s unique insight, diligence and immense dedication to her clients are the secret to her continued success.

With an anticipated new billboard campaign set to launch, Corri continues to advocate for the positive aspects of divorce, challenging societal norms and inspiring those in need of legal guidance. Check out Lawyer Stories for an in-depth look at Corri Fetman’s journey, insights, and the innovative spirit that has made her a standout figure in the legal community.

Corri Fetman Featured on Lawyer Stories

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