Corri Fetman and Chicago Women at Law, Ltd. represented me during a lengthy and complicated 2+ year divorce. What I learned early in our relationship was that Corri was direct, truthful, and appropriately responsive. When decisions on direction needed to be made, she laid out the legal and situational facts and alternatives so that I could make the decision right for me. Her legal competence is excellent, solid.

What I learned as time went on is that she cares that the right thing occurred from my, my kids, and a legal perspective. It wasn’t about money in representing me. It was about justice for her, making sure there was some sanity and correctness brought to the situation. I find it ironic that it was from Corri and her office that I found normalcy and rightness in the world.

I also have seen since my divorce this same level of legal performance and support as issues have arisen. I know that in the future if I need legal help, that Corri is there to quickly and professionally provide for my needs.

Corri is a very confident and competent woman working in a very unforgiving profession. Most people have contempt for lawyers, but Corri is exempt from that scrutiny. Although, it was financially difficult to have them keep up the fight for a father that desperately wanted a life with his son, I don’t regret anything.

Corri battled a vicious and narcissistic woman who has an extreme sense of entitlement. My ex-girlfriend thought that simply because she was the mother of my son, the court would allow her blatantly disregard following court orders, but Corri didn’t become swayed by her irrational behavior.

They believed in the system even when I didn’t. I am happy to have them in my corner.

As a psychologist who works with disabled veterans as well as with other individuals with special needs, I am very well acquainted with the serious stress created by divorce and other legal proceedings. I have witnessed how the prolonged nature of the legal process can be very difficult for even “normal” people to cope with. Corri and her colleagues have assisted several of my disabled patients with their legal needs, and I was consistently impressed with the degree of “humanity” that they brought to what can often be a dehumanizing and confusing experience. Corri consistently responded to my clients’ despair with encouragement, to their irritability with patience, and to their anxiety with reassurance. At the same time, Corri approaches her profession with zeal and drive, and this is inspiring to her clients. Her legal advice and counsel has been invaluable to the people whom I’ve referred to her, and the outcomes speak for themselves!

Additionally, in my role as a psychologist, I frequently need to interact with professionals of other disciplines, including attorneys. This can often be a frustrating and taxing experience since we often speak “different languages”, when it comes to our respective roles with shared clients. Without failure, Corri has been not only easy to work with, but also a pleasure. She clearly respects and elicits the opinions and expertise of other professionals, and incorporates these discussions into her work with clients. When all of the professionals involved in a case are on the same page and are speaking the same language, the benefits to the client are beyond estimation. I can state with 100% certainty that if I ever find myself personally in need of an attorney for family law matters, there will be no one on my list to call but Corri Fetman.

I work for a municipality and encounter many attorneys in my line of work, therefore, I am a bit seasoned to recognize a good one. As with many professions, people get a degree, but the diploma doesn’t guarantee quality. With the abundance of lawyers, finding one that is hard working and intelligent is like finding a needle in a haystack. Finding one that has those traits, along with talent, compassion and wisdom is like discovering plutonium. Corri Fetman beats plutonium.

My case was a very unique one. I consulted four attorneys, three of whom were recommended as being ‘top guns’. They paled to Corri Fetman. During my first meeting, she was the only person who listened without interruption, took diligent notes, didn’t try to put words in my mouth, analyzed, strategized, and spoke to me as a true professional advisor of the law, which she knows like the back of her hand. All others kept pushing only what they knew, which didn’t appear to be all that much. They kept trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Corri Fetman focused on what shape my case was, and built the perfect peg to fit it. She covered every base, and had the talent, wisdom and creativity to blow everyone else in the court room away. When your attorney wins court call after court call, and you hear your judge lean over and say ‘Good job’, you know you have the gold medalist in your corner. How did I find her? I asked my high profile municipal attorney friend, where to find a good divorce attorney. She surveyed some pretty high judges. Their consensus was an attorney who had earned their respect in the courtroom – Corri Fetman.

She took care of me, my family, and ensured that my child has a protected future. She, and her very talented associate, are my saviors.

I retained Corri to handle my contested post-decree case and unfortunately rehired them recently to handle another post-decree case. Both lawyers were straightforward, honest, zealous advocates, hardworking, detail orientated, terrific litigators, not to mention kind and compassionate throughout their representation. They were always responsive to my needs, approachable, and answered all of my legal questions.

It’s easy to find divorce lawyers, but difficult to find divorce lawyers who truly care about their clients and their client’s children. Corri truly cares about both. I recommend this law firm to all that I know who are going through a divorce or post decree issue. I wouldn’t hire any other law firm.

Corri Fetman of Chicago Women at Law, Ltd. represented me throughout a long and very difficult 3+ year paternity and support case.

Corri was upfront with the possibility of a lengthy court battle. Corri always made herself available to strategize and discuss options and potential pitfalls dealing with my case. She understood and represented me to the best of their abilities and I quickly realized that they would relentlessly fight to protect my rights. I would strongly recommend both Corri to anyone needing aggressive, responsive and knowledgeable representation. You cannot find a better lawyer in the business.