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“Unconventional.” “Strategically Aggressive.” “Knowledgeable.”
“Prepared.” “Non-Judgmental.”
“Committed to achieving the most favorable legal outcome.”

Corri Fetman & Associates


The words listed above are some of the descriptions used by prominent Judges and our clients to portray the attorneys at Corri Fetman & Associates. Corri Fetman & Associates, Ltd. is a boutique law firm providing quality representation in commercial matters, corporate law, divorce, employment law, entertainment law, family law, civil unions, intellectual property, school law and much more.

Whether you are faced with a dispute or need legal advice, rest assured, you need excellent legal counsel to fully protect you and your rights and interests and make strategic decisions which will positively impact your future. The attorneys at Corri Fetman & Associates can be that counsel and much more.

Celebrity Representation

Celebrity Representation

From whom better to receive entertainment advice than an attorney who has a presence and experience in the media and entertainment field herself. Chicago attorney, Corri Fetman, has extensive knowledge of the sports and entertainment industry. When clients need someone who knows the pitfalls and dangers the entertainment industry presents, they count on Corri Fetman & Associates, Ltd.

Family Law

Family Law

Family law in Illinois is vast and complex – and is subject to change at the state legislature’s whim. For instance, in 2016, Illinois family law statutes experienced a major overhaul of their provisions impacting child custody and parenting time. Especially concerning about a family law proceeding is that the impact and effects of a decision rendered in a family law case can last for months or even years. These effects may impact a person’s ability to see and raise his or her child, to participate in important decisions in the child’s life, and to be financially independent and able move forward following a separation or divorce. 

Auto Dealership Law

Auto Dealership Law

Owners of automobile dealerships in Illinois are just one type of business that operates in the Land of Lincoln. So long as automobiles are the primary mode of transportation in America, Americans will require the services and merchandise that auto dealerships offer. Auto dealerships are governed by a myriad of state and federal laws and regulations, some of which can carry substantial penalties and sanctions for dealerships that do not comply with these provisions. These can be levied even if a violation of these laws and regulations is unintentional. Corri Fetman & Associates can assist your auto dealership in complying with these laws and regulations and allow your dealership’s business continuing unimpeded.

corporate law

Corporate / Contracts / Civil Law

Litigation and legal problems can significantly stifle your Illinois business’s plans, operations, and future. Legal disputes with customers, vendors, employees and/or others can negatively impact your business’s productivity and drain its resources. Legal troubles also affect the morale of your employees and can harm your business’s reputation in the community. Prompt and successful resolution of these legal woes is critical, therefore, to your business’s viability and stability. Corri Fetman & Associates is experienced and knowledgeable concerning a wide variety of issues that both large and small businesses in Illinois face, and the firm stands ready to assist your business in moving forward.

Client Testimonials

Corri Fetman and Chicago Women at Law, Ltd. represented me during a lengthy and complicated 2+ year divorce. What I learned early in our relationship was that Corri was direct, truthful, and appropriately responsive. When decisions on direction needed to be made, she laid out the legal and situational facts and alternatives so that I could make the decision right for me. Her legal competence is excellent, solid.

What I learned as time went on is that she cares that the right thing occurred from my, my kids, and a legal perspective. It wasn’t about money in representing me. It was about justice for her, making sure there was some sanity and correctness brought to the situation. I find it ironic that it was from Corri and her office that I found normalcy and rightness in the world.


Corri is a very confident and competent woman working in a very unforgiving profession. Most people have contempt for lawyers, but Corri is exempt from that scrutiny. Although, it was financially difficult to have them keep up the fight for a father that desperately wanted a life with his son, I don’t regret anything.

Corri battled a vicious and narcissistic woman who has an extreme sense of entitlement. My ex-girlfriend thought that simply because she was the mother of my son, the court would allow her blatantly disregard following court orders, but Corri didn’t become swayed by her irrational behavior.

They believed in the system even when I didn’t. I am happy to have them in my corner.


I retained Corri to handle my contested post-decree case and unfortunately rehired them recently to handle another post-decree case. Both lawyers were straightforward, honest, zealous advocates, hardworking, detail orientated, terrific litigators, not to mention kind and compassionate throughout their representation. They were always responsive to my needs, approachable, and answered all of my legal questions.

It’s easy to find divorce lawyers, but difficult to find divorce lawyers who truly care about their clients and their client’s children. Corri truly cares about both. I recommend this law firm to all that I know who are going through a divorce or post decree issue. I wouldn’t hire any other law firm.


We are ready to assist you with your family or corporate issue.